Dana Stölzgen


Dana Stölzgen, born 1979 in Vienna, lives in Cologne, Germany.



+49 175 4396035

dana.stoelzgen at gmail.com

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Raumsechs, Düsseldorf



My Disguise, Die Nacht Publishing, Leipzig

In Still Air, Peperoni Books, Berlin

Klappe: handmade artist book, KEHRER



2013 – 2016 Postgraduate class with Ute Mahler and Robert Lyons,

Ostkreuz School of  Photography,  Berlin


2010 – 2013 study art photography with Oliver Rausch

Fotoakademie Köln, Cologne, Diploma in March 2013


workshops with Göran Gnaudschun, Mimi Mollica, Lucia Nimcova, Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber, Kurt Tong and Wolfgang Zurborn.


2008 three months working stay in San Francisco study photography at the Studio School SF, Fotovision



Exhibitions / Awards

April – May 2016

DO NOT FEED THE KROKODIL, group exhibition, Direktorenhaus, Berlin


October 2015

My Disguise, RAUMSECHS, at Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Düsseldorf


Sept./October 2015 A Decade of Publishing. Peperoni Photobooks

group exhibition, Forum für Fotografie, Köln


June 2015

Photons, Projection at the At the State Small Theater of Vilnius


April 2015

Les Boutographies – Rencontres photographiques de Montpellier

Les projections du Jury, La Panacée, Montpellier


December 2014

Blue Monday – Kleister, group exhibition, Hotel Bogota, Berlin


October 2014

Solo Exhibition ‚In Still Air‘ at 25books, Berlin


April 2014

Residency – Rencontres de la jeune photographie internationale, Niort

exhibitions: Yonder (March-April) / La peau et l’os (April-May)


November 2013

PIC Förderpreis Selected 2014 / PIC Award Selected 2014


October 2013
Yonder, solo exhibition, Fotopension Köln


September 2013
KLEISTER 2013, group exhibition, Berlin


July 2013 – July 2014
group exhibition, Fotoakademie Köln


December 2012 – May 2013
All(ein)sein, group exhibition, Alte Sternenwarte, Bonn


June 2012
Temporales, group exhibition, Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne


June 2012
Kolga Award Exhibition, group exhibition, Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2012, Georgia

Finalist category „Conceptual“


February 2012
This land was made for you and me, group exhibition, Kronenboden, Berlin-Wedding




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